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When Meghan Anderson begins her new job as Director of Human Resources at the prestigious nursing home, Whispering Pines, she has no idea her position will land her in the middle of corporate scandal, bribery, and murder. She soon finds herself surrounded by several wily characters, one of whom is a killer who now has Meghan in his crosshairs. FBI Special Agent, Joe Malone, arrives at Whispering Pines, dedicated to solving the murder of a local prostitute, Ana Lopez. Will he be able to find the murderer before it’s too late for Meghan?

Escape From Doubting Castle

Escape From Doubting Castle 

Book One

Fall & Redemption

Deception & Truth

Despondency to Hope


Abigail realizes she is being pursued  

by a furious foe . . .

AND a merciful King!

"Any child will love this and won't be able to wait for Volume 2 to be released" - READERS FAVORITE

Are There Bullies on the Buddy Bench?

Book One

Follow LeaLea as she maneuvers through the social complexities of being in the third grade, dodging the playground bully, and avoiding cliques, while remaining true to herself.

Abigail and Her King

A Trilogy

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Book Two


A steadfast group ...

A relentless foe ...

A battle of epic proportions ...


Abigail leads the small group of faithful followers as they continue to battle demonic forces opposed to their message of freedom.  Formerly unarmed, they now enter this fight with a weapon so powerful, even the demons tremble …

Life Lessons With Little LeaLea

Book Series

There is no letup in the adventure as Abigail and her band of followers fight on and, once again, Ms. Laders has produced a perfectly written story, full of exciting action that romps to a conclusion.


"I enjoyed this book very much. Well-deserved five stars!"   





Book Two

Through a growing relationship with her cousin, Sean, who has autism, LeaLea finds both the difficulty and delight of inviting those with challenges into her life.  

Mary E. Laders tackles the topic of autism. The book captures the beautiful moments LeaLea shared with Sean. The book can be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms to help children understand autism and how different this behavior can be. The author's approach to the topic makes it easy for readers to understand autism and autistic people better.